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Why Location Doesn’t Really Matter for Family Photos | Tsawwassen Family Photographer

One of the most popular questions that I get asked when a family is booking their annual photo session is, “where should we go?.”  Living in the Tsawwassen & Ladner area, there are literally DOZENS of beautiful options in terms of location.  We are incredibly lucky here in that we can literally choose a location that has a beach to the left of us, a sunlit field to the right, and glorious mountain backdrop behind us. There’s no shortage of barns or rustic fences, well-worn beach logs or sandy shores – the options are endless.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Finding the absolute perfect location really isn’t important when you are planning your family photo session.

That may sound surprising, especially coming from a photographer that prides herself on creating beautiful and treasured family portraits.

Eleanor-4PINIMAGEBut it’s my belief that a beautiful family photo can be created in any location.

The photo to the right is one of my favourite family photos to date. We had arranged to meet at Ladner Harbour Park, but the mosquitoes were SO bad that we were all getting eaten alive. We made a quick decision to relocate to Lions Park, and this happy moment was captured in a park full of people, while we all told fart jokes!

So, yes, it would be wonderful to have a gloriously scenic backdrop. Yes, it would be amazing to have epic lighting. And yes, finding a beautiful secluded spot where no one is watching would be ideal.

But the truth is, it’s who is in the photos that matters the most.  And it’s the love and interactions that are captured with the click of the shutter that you will remember and cherish.

When you view your photos, you won’t be looking at the picturesque mountain behind you. When you look back years from now, you won’t be paying attention to the sand between the toes. You won’t remember where that rustic fence was, or which log you sat on at the beach.

Amy L-5PINIMAGEYou’ll remember the giggles that your little one exploded with when dad turned into the Tickle Monster. You’ll remember the way your heart filled up with so much love when your toddler actually smiled a real smile for the camera. And you’ll remember that look your husband gave you, when he caught your eye over the top of your child’s head – that look that said ” I love you, and I love this life we have”. The look that was captured by your photographer in the split second that it happened.

So, although there may be a perfect location, or a location that is a true favourite for you and your family. But don’t forget that the beautiful people in the photograph are what you’ll really be looking at. Spend time on them. The rest is up to me.

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