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Pregnancy Sucks (Or, Why I Had Maternity Photos Done) | Vancouver Maternity Photographer


happy-pregnant-womanPINIMAGEI always thought I would be one of those women who loved being pregnant. I can remember shopping at Thyme Maternity for my sister when she was pregnant, and the sales lady suggested I try on the fake bump to make sure the hoodie I had chosen for her would fit properly. Confession: I loved it. I turned this way and that in the mirror, admiring my little bump, and imagining the glow I would have one day when I was pregnant.

Fast forward to a year later, when I was 9 months pregnant, completely miserable from total hormonal exhaustion, aching hips, and unbearable hemorrhoids.

I was not a happy, glowing pregnant person.

I don’t think my pregnancy was unusual. I had the typical first trimester nausea, the bladder that was ALWAYS full, the bizarre Braxton Hicks, the weird cravings for pineapple and anything chocolate-mint, and the aforementioned aching hips and hemorrhoids. But all of this was in complete contradiction to what I thought pregnancy would be like, plus the added hormonal overdrive made me an incredibly unpleasant person to be around sometimes.

So, it took a lot of positive thinking, creativity and all-out pampering to keep my spirits up, as my body became more and more alien to me.

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I took longer and hotter showers. I bought all the cute maternity clothes. I had the pedicures. I got the haircuts. I ate all the chocolate (like, ALL the chocolate). I had the massages. I did my best to admire that beautiful belly, as it expanded and flourished with life.

And we took photos.

On a crisp February morning, my husband and I drove the 2 hours up to Squamish (which, let me tell you, is not fun when you have the (once-again) aforementioned hemorrhoids), and spent some beautiful time together as a couple, celebrating the changes in my body and the changes that were coming in our lives.

As we creep up on my son’s 2nd birthday, I find myself looking back on those last few weeks. I was tired; I was nervous; I was excited; I was aching; I was terrified; and I was DONE with being pregnant.

But I was beautiful, too.

And it’s important to remember that as well.

Your body is beautiful. You are beautiful. Your body is doing beautiful things. And YOU are doing a beautiful thing.

Celebrate that.

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