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So Excited to Meet You!

Welcome to eran jayne photography! I’m Eran, primary photographer, creative eye, storyteller and mama.

While this may be my photography business, don’t expect a serious and stuffy session. Working with me means being ready to laugh. During our time together, I’ll capture moments that are natural… playful… goofy-yet-sweet and uniquely loveable. These snippets of your REAL life create fun and lasting memories that truly reflect your family, your relationship or YOU, at this unforgettable stage in your life.

My story begins a few years ago, when I chose happiness over comfort and left my 9-5 job in pursuit of a more wholehearted living. My long list of things to do “one day” wasn’t going to happen without shaking things up. So, I left the office environment behind and started exploring my life list. I spent a month living in Bordeaux, France in 2011, and this is where I picked up my good ol’ Nikon again. Our love affair was rekindled.

These days, in addition to photography, I spend my time with my funny and fabulous little boy, who still tolerates me taking hundreds of photos of him. (Fingers crossed that this won’t change for a LONG time!). I am also the founder of the Good Mother Project, an online community of mamas, sharing the realities of motherhood with honesty, bravery and heart.

real life storytelling through pictures…

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